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The Pedrocchi Cafè was built in Padua in the early nineteenth century (1831), when Antonio Pedrocchi, decided to expand the small cafe inherited from his father. Since than it is known as the "coffee without doors" due to its initial structure without windows and also because until 1916 it was open twenty-four hours a day.


Inside the Pedrocchi Cafè in Padua elegance and sophistication reign supreme. The ground floor is for the cafeteria, and each room is named after the color of the upholstery: White Room, Yellow Room, Red Room, Green Room. Each room, whether for the ground that those on the upper floor are decorated with frescoes and decorations that reflect the romantic and neoclassical time.


You can enjoy a coffee at Pedrocchi Cafè in Padua during the year and discover its history and its secrets in many organized tours.

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