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Padua is a city where history and nature blend together to create peerless beauty works of art. There are numerous Padova tours you can do to discover the monuments of great historical and artistic interest. It starts from Piazza Eremitani where there is the Scrovegni Chapel, painted by Giotto with the representation of some stories taken from the Old and New Testament. The Padova tours proceed for coffee Pedrocchi, an ancient meeting place of intellectuals and politicians of the XiX° century. Around Caffè Pedrocchi the most picturesque squares of Padua: Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza dei Frutti and Piazza dei Signori, the site of a daily market.


Moreover, among the most popular Padova tours, a visit to the Basilica of St. Anthony, religious destination and a treasure of works of art. Continuing along the main street you get to Prato della Valle, surrounded by historical buildings and palaces and the basilica of Santa Giustina, one of the largest in Europe

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